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The thinking drone’s pick of longform: July 12

Our thinking drone picks this week range from experimenting with OKCupid to the baby boom in the UK, the classic article from Rebecca Solnit on mansplaining before mansplaining was even a thing, how housewifing is a choice and just because you put a coding video in pink doesn’t mean that girls will be any more enthused about technology.

1. Would OKCupid match up long-term partners?

OK, Cupid? – The Hairpin – 9 July 2014 – Nora Lange

When I got to the question, “If you turn a left-handed glove inside out which hand would it fit?” my instinct said the right hand, but I didn’t want to get it wrong—what kind of future spouse would that provide?—so I Googled it to be sure. I watched a Youtube video where a guy turns a black left-handed glove inside out and proceeds to put it on his right hand. Voila! It was now a right-handed glove.

2. The new look of the baby boom in the UK

The New Baby Boom – The Financial Times – 11 July 2014 – John McDermott

Today, the increase in British birth rates has ushered in another baby-centric age, one defined by three distinct aspects. More babies of different ethnicities are being born, challenging the very notion of an ethnic “minority”. They are also part of a simultaneous parenting boom: people from an ever wider array of backgrounds can become parents of healthy babies. 

3. Before ‘mansplaining’ existed, it existed

Men Explain Things To Me – Guernica Magazine – 20 August 2012 – Rebecca Solnit

Yes, guys like this pick on other men’s books too, and people of both genders pop up at events to hold forth on irrelevant things and conspiracy theories, but the out-and-out confrontational confidence of the totally ignorant is, in my experience, gendered. Men explain things to me, and other women, whether or not they know what they’re talking about. Some men.

4. On the choice to housewife

I Accidentally Became A Housewife – Dame – 5 July 2014 – Kate Tuttle

I’m still as much a feminist as I was in kindergarten—and with a lot more reasons to be. But even though I worry about the missed income from my prime money-making years, feel angry that my country has such family-unfriendly policies, and am aware that my heterosexual, middle-class privilege makes this unfairly easy for me, I have to say I’m finding unexpected joy in the role.

5. Making code pink doesn’t make girls like it any more

Programming In Pink: Why Feminizing Code Doesn’t Help Women – Be Young & Shut Up – 10 July 2014 – Chloi R.

Instead of an introduction to coding basics, or any kind of reading material on the amazing interaction between humans and machines that computer programming allows, Made With Code offers tutorials on creating custom bracelets and decorating selfies. Because you know. Girl stuff.

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